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Deadpool Drops Trailers


Deadpool: Green and Red Band Trailers Leave a Bloody Mess All over the Web

Coming soon.. there’s bloody hell for all those lowlifes out there, all packaged in a neat little bow by the Merc with the Mouth

Hang the hell on! Below are both the Red Band and Green Band trailers for next year’s much anticipated Deadpool movie. If you want to see that Green Band Trailer on the big screen in all it’s glory, well you’ll have to swallow your pride and watch the Fantastic Four film.


[youtube id=”ONHBaC-pfsk” width=”620″ height=”360″]


[youtube id=”FyKWUTwSYAs” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Deadpool – whose trailer got the biggest round of applause at San Diego Comic Con last month even over the a couple of big ones dropped by Warner Brothers – because people have been frothing at the mouth to see the Merc with the Mouth hit the big screen, with all that humor and violence and fourth-wall-breaking intact.

The most amazing thing about the Deadpool film is just the fact that Fox is taking a chance on bringing this property to screen and not shying away from who the character is and realizing that the film must be R-rated. A case could be made for PG-13 rated Deadpool, but, eh, well…. no. The fans want R-Rated. So does Deadpool himself. Even more impressive is the rather low budget of this film – some reports say that it’s somewhere around the $40 million range – and that will be a real litmus test for the future of the superhero film. The studios – particularly with superhero properties – have been obsessed with overspending. Just last week alone, there had been rumors that the upcoming Channing Tatum Untitled Gambit Project was ringing around the tune of 150 million clams (let’s hold the phone there for a second – Channing is back on after rumors that he left, and the rumors that film had that kind of price tag were exaggerated as well) and just the fact that people start talking about ridiculously high figures like give us reason to fear the creative drought that is Hollywood. Yet, if Fox can deliver exactly what Deadpool fans want on a pretty lean budget – and should those fans actually turn up at the theater – this might cause all the film pundits to take notice, and it might make the other studios take a whole new look at their balance sheets.

Bring on Deadpool!

By the way, if the Gambit project does keep it’s announced release date, then Fox will have three comic book films dropping next year. That’s… crazy!

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