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Deadpool goes in search on X-Men Day in Washington DC!

A full day dedicated to the X-men, spent in the nation’s capital, Washington, DC.
First, let me tell you, my little ‘Poolers, that walking around Dc with a pile of weapons and a mask is not advised for just anyone. The local constabulary takes a dim view upon it.
(We were ready for anything!)
[It’s a free country, right?!]
{The Washington Monument was majestic!}
……Right. So, there I was, ready to party like an X-man, but Where were the festivities gonna be?
I looked all around the Capitol, and met some really nasty dogs. The Capitol Police were nice though, they gave me a ride in their van and everything. Once I explained to them that I was actually an Avenger, they made a couple calls, and found that the party was actually in Adams Morgan, and dropped me off there.

Now I Knew that I was at the X-Men party. There were Mutants of every type there! There was Glitter-man, Mr. Fabulous, the Sissy, and the Leather Brigade! They all did not seem to have any special powers, other than dancing spectacularly, home decorating, and make-up. Then I heard of a Mutie party at the pool at the White House. That sounded just brilliant! Obviously the Prez was showing solidarity between humans and mutants! So I headed right over there. The guards out front seemed pretty stressed out, so I just let myself in the back. Wow, they had the place spotless! [Cyclops would have been impressed.] I was obviously early, as the place seemed deserted. I found the dining hall, and they had a buffet set out the would make Golden Corral look like Cici’s! After I stuffed my face, and pockets, I figured that I would look for that pool. You know, that pool was nowhere to be seen, then it dawned on me, it was obviously a ‘Secret Pool’! Now I was really excited! Imagine a presidential pool, stocked with X-Girls like Rogue, Storm, Pixie, Phoenix, Emma, and the like!! I Had to find that secret entrance!! So I started knocking on the walls, looking for the hidden panel. I searched the dining hall, the executive offices, the grand hall, and then, when I was getting really frustrated, I found a hollow wall in the oval office!! Of Course! He would have the entrance there, how convenient!! The opening mechanism was obviously jammed, so I put a shaped charge on the wall and blew my own door! When the dust cleared I realized that my ears continued to ring. Now, Semtex will do that, but my hearing heals after a second or two, and yet the ringing kept going. So I decided that this was gonna be a pretty lame pool party if their sound system is having That much of a feedback problem (Hmmm, Feedback, we wonder whatever happened to that guy?), and that I was just gonna jet. I did remember to give my pal a shout-out though, and I left one of his calling cards on the President’s desk. My little buddy is gonna freak out when I tell him that I left his card on Obama’s desk, you know which card, the one that says “Compliments of your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman!”

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I wonder how Spidey's calling card went over with the President.


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