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Death of the Family Event: Catwoman 14

Catwoman 14

Catwoman #14 – A Death of the Family Crossover
Written by Ann Nocenti with art by Rafa Sandoval

Spoiler alert!  You have been warned!

Death of the Family VariantIf I had to describe this issue in one word and one word alone, it would be this:  chaos. And not in a good way. But I could go on for days about what makes this comic painful to read, so let’s just skip that and focus on the good for a while.

I liked the art, and I’m intrigued to see what is coming up next in the rest of the crossover issues across the Batman line. Selina Kyle’s unnecessary inclusion in this storyline seems to have reached its anticlimactic end without any real bloodshed, lessons learned or character-altering changes for the worse. So that’s good. But that’s it.

Now, back to the bad. I’ll be honest with you all. Ann Nocenti needs to go back into retirement, or at least leave this book before she kills it. Another issue of atrocious dialogue will destroy this book no matter how many crossovers, guest stars or interesting artists with cool fight sequences they add to it. This story is simply moronic. The dialogue is choppy. The story is nonsensical. And if it were not for a basic understanding of what makes these characters cool in past (and hopefully future) stories is the only reason this was even readable. A new reader picking this issue up would have no idea what was going on at any point in its pages. I’m a veteran Batman reader and even I found myself rereading almost every page of this comic. My biggest problem with this issue is not even how bad it is; I can deal with a few issues here and there that simply don’t work for me. It’s the fact that this is one of the strongest characters in comics. It’s one of the strongest female characters in pop culture history. And it’s slowly becoming an embarrassment to DC’s noble line. Bring on a new writer as soon as possible, or the biggest “death” in the family will be this once great comic.


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Comments (4)


Yeah I'm with ya, except instead of re-reading I found myself rushing through just to get it over with.


It was pretty painful, wasn't it?


It became a chore, I almost can't believe I finished it lol


Indeed it was. I believe we both deserve a reward… Perhaps Ann Nocenti announcing her retirement?

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