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Death of the Family Event: Suicide Squad #14

Suicide Squad 14

Suicide Squad #14 – A Death of the Family Crossover
Written by Adam Glass with art by Fernando Dagnino

Spoiler alert! You have been warned!

Joker Face InterrogationThis issue starts with a flashback of Deadshot’s death last issue and then proceeds to focus back into the present day where Harley Quinn and a few other teammates are at his funeral. Suddenly,  Joker’s acid rain takes out the entire Squad (which was neat for him but made the team look worthless in their own book, and I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about this). Regardless of the how idea of how or why he does this is not important, though, because we are all treated with a great scene with the Joker re-establishing himself as a dominant and abusive lover, calling out Harley for no longer being Harley Quinn but a much more sane Dr. Harleen Quinzel. He threatens to desecrate Deadshot’s body (which we don’t actually see inside the coffin) unless Harley does some favors for him, adding a little bit of background to her involvement in Batman #13-14.  (Obviously, read those issues first before you read this one.)

There wasn’t much new for the Squad in this one. Amanda’s still a coldhearted, power-hungry bitch, but that’s what makes her so excellent. Deadshot appears to be dead, but does anyone really think he is? That’s what I thought. Some members are in limbo, others are plotting, and that’s what makes this such a fun read… Everyone is expendable

But no crossover issue is complete without some new questions raised. Villains are apparently no longer off limits for the Joker, and just who might be next on his list? He let the Squad go while he was beating on Harley in the graveyard, but why? What “bigger” plan is he up to? And wouldn’t it be awesome if we got a New 52 team-up between Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad and Bruce Wayne’s Batman Family to take out the Joker once and for all? Even though this is very much a transition issue, it is still a great read. I would go as far as to label this as the most underrated book in the line. And I’m glad that they are finally just admitting that it is, will be, and has been a Bat-book all along.

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So why is Joker so mad, he misses Harley's old costume?


Ha ha ha. Maybe. We'll see. I personally think it might have something to do with Harley and Deadshot's hanky panky before he offed himself to save the team. Plus, there's always been that whole abusive aspect to their relationship, and what's more abusive than causing mental anguish at every turn and then actually physically assaulting them when they least expect it? Or maybe you're right… He could just be pissed that she looks dumb now.


This is seriously the book that everyone should be reading. The "comic to watch," so to speak.

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