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Death of the Family Event: Suicide Squad 15

Suicide Squad 15

Suicide Squad 15
Adam Glass, Fernando Dagnino

Death of the Family Crossover

Spoiler alert! You have been warned!

Welcome back to yet another installment of “How Awesome is This Series?” It is also a crossover review, so there’s that little bonus. We have Harley Quinn and the Joker starting up right where we left them last issue, Harley being strangled by her beloved Mr. J. But we get a few unexpected twists and turns in this one. We find out that she was never really crazy, not in the way Joker wanted her to be. She thought he was evil and couldn’t stand all of the killing, but she simply turned a blind eye to his actions because she was in love. We all know these details because someone is watching these events go down on a big screen. Yep, that’s right. The Suicide Squad is watching helplessly as Harley is being tortured by the Joker. But how?

Apparently Amanda Waller had a camera lens implanted on Harley in order to keep tabs on her, which makes her that much more awesome in my opinion. She is seriously one of the coolest characters in comic history, male or female. She makes Marvel’s Nick Fury look like a weiner and she does everything sweet and daring and badass in heels. But enough of my love for the Wall, and back to the real reason everyone picked up this issue. The Joker.

Doctor Quinzel and Joker

There are two shocking twists with the true return of two characters: Harley Quinn is no longer sane and Deadshot is apparently no longer dead. But the biggest and most impressive aspect of this issue, not to mention the fact that Adam Glass so perfectly meshes two unrelated stories into one cohesive tale, is the twist he drops on us at the end of the book. Not the return from the grave. Not the return to crazy. No, it’s the fact that when Joker locks up his former lover in a dungeon with a pile of other locked up corpses, he lets her in on a secret. She wasn’t the first Harley. And from the looks of it, he’s been in a vicious cycle of love and violence for years. And if he gets out of Death of the Family alive, he’s going to have a new enemy in Harleen Quinzel.

My Rating: 4.5/5

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Comments (4)

So anyone who gets involved with The Joker (romatically or otherwise) gets swept into this never ending vicious cycle? Yep, sounds about right and totally screwed up when you think about it. So now I'm wondering just how many Harley's he went through. Okay, that last comment sounded inappropriate but you know what I mean.


So I guess we're supposed to imagine her classic costume is one of those discarded versions that he's "gone through."


I know what you mean. And inappropriate is just the Joker's style!


That's certainly one interpretation! I actually hadn't thought of that, but I guess it would sort of (kind of) make sense.

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