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Death of the Family Event: Unofficial Epilogue Checklist

Unofficial Epilogue Checklist Picture 1

While we continue to recover from the death of Damian Wayne in the recent pages of Batman Incorporated, I wanted to make sure that you all remembered that even though it is over and even though there is going to be a whole lot of sad going on, the death of the Bat-family member should not overshadow the epilogues covering the aftershock felt in the wake of Joker’s own horrific machinations in “Death of the Family”. These are the stories after the story. Pick them up while you still can, and join me again soon for final post-event coverage overall review of the event that will have us all holding our breaths waiting for the triumphant and disturbing return of the Clown Prince of Crime.

Unofficial Epilogue Checklist Picture 2

Batman 18
Scott Snyder, Andy Kubert, James Tynion IV, Alex Maleev


Detective Comics 17-18
John Layman, Jason Fabok, Andy Clarke, Henrik Jonsson


Red Hood and the Outlaws 17-19
Scott Lobdell, Timothy Green II, James Tynion IV, Mico Suayan


Batman Incorporated 1-12
Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham


Batgirl 17-19
Ray Fawkes, Ed Benes, Daniel Sampere, Gail Simone


Catwoman 18
Ann Nocenti, Rafa Sandoval


Suicide Squad 16
Adam Glass, Henrik Jonsson


Batman and Robin 17-24
Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason


Young Romance: A New 52 Valentine’s Day Special
Andy Diggle, Ray Fawkes, Ann Nocenti, Cicil Castellucci, Peter Milligan, Kyle Higgins, Gene Ha, Emanuela Lupacchino, Becky Cloonan, Phil Jiminez, Sanford Green, Kenneth Rocafort


Worlds’ Finest 10
Paul Levitz, Kevin Maguire


Nightwing 17-19
Kyle Higgins, Juan Jose Ryp, Brett Booth


Teen Titans 17-21
Scott Lobdell, Fabian Nicieza, Eddy Barrows

Unofficial Epilogue Checklist Picture 3

So there they all are. Some are out already (so hurry up and go grab yourselves a copy!) and some are coming out in the weeks and months to come. So after all is said and done, with the Joker gone (for now) and Damian dead (for now), what did you think? Are you pleased? Shocked? Appalled? Or are you hesitant in sharing your thoughts until you see just how much these two stories are going to affect the Bat family?

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