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Death, Taxes, and Spider-Man


I mentioned previously what I thought about Peter Parker surviving but not as Spider-man anymore, apparently I was right about a new Ultimate Spider-Man replacing him according to the latest news traveling the web (no pun intended); so let me see if I was right about Peter Parker surviving? If you read the latest Ulimate Comics Spider-man and are following the story then you already understand what I am talking about-


As Spider-man carries a guilty consciousness he needs to save the day and seeing Captain America in the cross hairs of the Punisher he chooses to push him out of the way. If you are reading the side book that goes along with this (Ultimate Comics Avengers Vs Ultimates ) then you also know that the Punisher was aiming for Captain America’s kneecaps. Spider-Man is hit… but is Peter Parker down. There are still a few more issues until that poly bagged event. This will only be revealed after a couple more months of reading, and I will be reading.


Why is Marvel “killing” one of their best known characters?   Publishers have to sell comic books, not just because they are a comic book company but they have to answer to share holders. How do they do this? Good character development? Good artwork? Good storylines? No, they kill someone off; and not just anyone, but a major character. Is Stan Lee weeping or thinking why didn’t I think of that? Either way they use sensationalism. They need something to catch the attention of the reader (which they should realize they already have). And it seems the word “Death” in any title helps sell (to non-readers), whether that be for DC, Marvel, or even just the Ultimate Universe.


So when this is all over, who will be the all new, all daring, all self captivated Spider-Man? Who knows? Is the costume cool? Sure! Although it doesn’t cry out like issue #252 did, but hey this is the Ultimate universe. Besides hey they have to change the costume I would hate to think the New Spider-Man would be wearing the old Spider-Man’s skivvies. Only person who wouldn’t be grossed out by the boys sharing the same apartment would be Deadpool.  New Costume, old costume, if it has a Spider on it, well it is the same costume just a different look.

They said they called it Death of Spider-Man for a reason; of course they did, it was to sell books!  They want the media to talk about it. I am a fan and I don’t talk about the death of “Johnny-what’s-his-name” from the Fantastic Four. That might also be because I don’t have friends who are fans of comic books. My associates on are how I let my geek fly since I can’t do it with family, friends, or most people that I deal with… although I do try. But once I go up to a table I am serving and ask them if they heard about the death of spider-man I normally get the role of the eyes.  So what reason did they call it the Death of Spider-Man…. because it sells books.



PS. At the end of the day, and my rant I am enjoying the story. When my budget tightened, this book was among three that I refused to stop getting. I am not upset at what Marvel is doing in the story, nor am I upset with how they are going about doing it. I am upset that this is the way it needs to be done to protect the industry. Please support your local comic book shop for all your comic book needs.

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Skott of Fables

Thing is Marvel is treating this like it's Spider-Man who's getting killed. It's ULTIMATE Spider-Man, not the original. So, basically, the death or replacement of this specific character won't affect anything major since the Ultimate Universe is pretty self contained.

I did find it deceptive myself.


I think the death part really just annoys me wondering how or in what way that's going to take place. :/

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