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Delilah Blast #1 Review

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Writer Marcel Dupree
Art Joel Cotejar
Colors Ramon Burge
Letters Marco Della Verde
Editors Richard Still and Marco Della Verde
Cover by Joel Cotejar
Variant Cover Carlos Trigo and Andrea Celestini

Writer Marcel Dupree
Art Pericles Junior
Colors Ryan Burt
Letters Marco Della Verde
Editor Richard Still

If there is anything I’ve learned from reviewing things written by Marcel Dupree is that he gets how to structure a story, especially coming from a teenage point of view. Delilah Blast is a character that holds an infinite amount of potential, as a character in the book, and for a writer to build with. Delilah is an very intelligent young woman, more intelligent than most her age, and her only goal in life is to join the Earth’s Science Association or the ESA. There is actually quite a bit more to the story and the structure of the world and it all unfolds nicely as we read. The world is this mashup of a steampunk style people living in a post apocalyptic world. The steampunk style becomes clear a few panels in, the way Delilah’s fashion looks, but what really stands out to me is the first panel of the city they live in. I find Delilah’s fashion important but the way the world is set up is important not just to the story but to the visual world that Dupree has set up. What Dupree has done is make a relevant world where the nuances can be expressed through visuals as well as story. I think Dupree has big talent and I can’t wait to see more.

One of the smartest things Dupree does is saddle up with Cotejar because one of the things I always notice with a Dupree book is the absolutely gorgeous and professional looking art. No lie, I can see Cotejar’s art featured in any of the big two’s books and the more he does with Dupree the more I see why he is the go to artist. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of Cotejar’s pencils and inks before colors were added so I have been able to see the raw talent that Cotejar has and the way he is able to make characters and scenery come to life. Yes Cotejar is a fantastic artist but what really stands out and makes Delilah Blast a visually stunning book is the color pallet that Burge lays down. Delilah herself is has a blue tint because she is a part alien but the color spectrum spans over blue, red, and some yellows that just pop and make the steampunk world explode on the page.

Delilah Blast is not currently available but if you check out Evoluzione Publisher’s Facebook it will more than likely be available in soon!

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