How Destiny Manifests

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Destiny: theatrical trailer

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Alright, we may be late to the party here at Comic Booked, maybe we need look up from our comics every now and then. When we do, the really amazing things still catch our notice. Amazing things like Destiny by Bungie. Now, we all know how successful Bungie’s first science fiction epic, Halo, was. It spawned two sequels, a new trilogy, three tangential games, and more merchandise that you can shake a needler at.


For this new project, the people who brought you the Master Chief are bringing you something much larger. First and foremost, Destiny is a cooperative game. You spend your time taking mercenary missions, joining your friends, and heading into deep space to earn your fortune. The Law of the Jungle portion of this trailer is a nod to this, all-for-one attitude.

There is also a showcase of different classes, showing a soldier, a sniper, and some sort of wizard or energy manipulator. The locations look a little disappointing; the two or three shown in the trailer look very similar, desert wastes. It looks like there is some kind of vehicular combat involved, which if the missions are large enough, this could be incredibly fun.destiny2

Destiny is one of only two games I am purchasing this year, the other being Arkham Knight. To that end I intend to be doing updates on any information that has been released for this upcoming blockbuster title. For those of you who have been paying attention there is an awful lot out there I need to catch you up on. So lets get to it!

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