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Disney Acquires Fox Assets in a $52.4 Billion deal

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In a game-changing deal that eclipses the company’s own acquisition of Lucasfilm some years ago (that was for a measly $4 billion), Disney took the initiative to acquire Fox’s assets, as Fox has decided to focus more on news and sports content. As Disney preps for the launch of its own streaming service to compete with Netflix, some in the industry speculate that the acquisition of Fox’s entertainment properties will allow Disney to produce a larger variety of original shows for this service.


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What we know now: Disney will acquire Fox’s film division, 20th Century Fox, as well Fox’s television studio (where in such shows Empire and The Simpsons) and it also owns FX, Fox Searchlight, National Geographic.

21st Century Fox will retain its Fox Broadcasting Network, Fox Business Network, and various national sports networks. 

Government regulators are expected to spend the next 18 months to approve the signed merger. 

For us comic book fans this means that Marvel Studios CAN use the X-Men, Deadpool and The Fantastic Four in the MCU if they choose.



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