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Disney Infinity 2.0: Enter The Villains!


Disney Infinity has been one of the most innovative properties of the last few years. The original version of this game was released in 2013 and you can read my full review of that here. The 1.0 edition Disney Infinity was a lot of fun, it had some great features that I had never seen all put together into one game, but there were a lot of things on my wishlist as I looked forward  to the new 2.0 edition in 2014. You can take a look at my discussion with the executive producer of the game, John Vignocchi, and my review of Disney Infinity 2.0 here.

The #1 best thing about Disney Infinity is that they never stop making new content and new characters. Today I want to talk to you about the newest figures introduced into the universe, Green Goblin, Yondu, and Ronan. That’s right, now we get some bona fide villains. I will run through some of their cool moves and then a short interview with John Vignocchi to talk about adding villains to the game and the future of things in Disney Infinity.

Releasing on January 13, 2015, Green Goblin, Yondu, and Ronan each bring some new moves and lots of fun to the Infinity Universe.

Disney Infinity

Yondu, who you may remember as a major character in last year’s hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy, is the only one of this group that is not truly a villain, just sort of an anti-hero. Yondu “accidentally” kidnapped the young Peter Quill from Earth and made him part of his crew. His main occupation is procuring specialty goods, whether they want to be procured or not. In Disney Infinity 2.0, Yondu has control of his special arrow, which he controls by whistling. As you level Yondu up, his skill tree allows you to target additional enemies with this attack. Overall, a really fun character and a great addition to the Toybox or to the Guardians of the Galaxy playset.

Ronan, The Accuser, also seen in the recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie from Marvel, was a servant of Thanos who was trying to capture one of the Infinity Stones. Now, the power of Ronan is ours to command. He is a pretty tough customer, power blasts and all. Ronan’s Universal Weapon is one of the things that powers up as you level this character. Higher levels allow you to unlock super jumps, more powerful blasts, and ways to power up Ronan’s cool cloaking ability.

Finally, Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, has been a villain in the Marvel Universe for years, hunting Spider-Man and spawning multiple impersonators. Now, I can control Gobby as I rampage through the city streets doing good or bad, depending on my mood. I can build a Toybox and terrorize the neighborhood or I can jump into the Spider-Man playset and fight the alien symbiotes as a force of good. Use his bola bombs or his powerful attacks to wreak some havoc. One other special thing, according to John Vignocchi, Goblin has a special way of playing through the Spider-Man playset, so something to look forward to for some great replayability.

I got to speak with John Vignocchi, the executive producer on this game, again and he told me about some great stuff that they have been working on. One thing he mentioned to keep any eye out for is how the characters interact in Toybox Mode, as they have recorded special lines that are said when different characters are in the Toybox together. Sarah Silverman, who voices Vanelope from Wreck-It Ralph, recorded a bunch of extra stuff that is very funny.

Don’t forget 0ne of the great features of the Toybox in this game… You can link multiple Toyboxes together by using the doors. Create a city, then place a door outside a building and you now have a link to a new Toybox that you can develop as the inside of the building. This makes the game so much more expansive and allows developers to create huge worlds.

We talked about upcoming characters. Jasmine comes out this week, so look out for an article on her, and Loki and Falcon will be coming in the next couple of months. There may or may not be rumors out there, about Tron and Star Wars, but nothing substantiated. I will keep you up to date as I know things for sure.

One of the last things that we talked about was the multiplayer functionality. Almost all areas of Disney Infinity 2.0 allow for 2-player “couch” co-op, where two players in the same room can play together and you can also play online with three of your friends for cool 4-player co-op play. So, get a team and get together and build, play, and enjoy.

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