Do you know the Comic Origin of THOR?


Thor the Dark World opens nationwide in theaters everywhere tomorrow. The most shocking fact about that statement is that, as a comic fan myself, I still can’t believe that Marvel made a successful Thor movie. Now, they’ve made two!

It becomes an even more surprising fact when you go back to the comics, and see that the early adventures of Thor were a bit on the silly side. If Marvel was to make a literal adaptation of the origin of Thor, you would have seen a lot more green rock aliens trying to kidnap Natalie Portman.

So in my never-ending quest to educate the viewing public, I read the very first appearance of Thor, Journey Into Mystery #83. (The issue is a FREE download on Comixology right now. Give it a read!) Then after a couple of rum fueled drinks, I recorded my recollection of his origin from memory. Soon, I forced actors to mimic my recorded words, and thus the video The Origin of Thor was born.

Be warned! This video has 200% more green aliens than you’re used to in a Thor movie, and is not safe for work viewing. Enjoy!

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