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Derrickson Conjuring Plans for Doctor Strange 2


strangeThe movie is not even out yet, we’re still a week away from its release date, but director Scott Derrickson is already talking about his plans for his sequel to Doctor Strange.  But this is not entirely surprising given the reception the movie has received thus far and predictions for its opening weekend, as we discussed in this article.

He spoke to Den of Geek, saying; “I love the character, I love the visual possibilities, and I know the comics so well – [the first movie is] the tip of an iceberg. There’s so much progress that can be made.

What he said is that he wants to perhaps focus on the villain.  What always makes a great hero is a great villain. Batman has his Joke, Superman has his Lex Luthor, Spider-man has his Green Goblin and Doctor Strange his is …. we shall see!

About the sequel and its villain focus, Derrickson said; “What made The Dark Knight so great was that the origin story of Batman had been well-told, and then it was time to bring in a villain where you really got to go deep. And not just the Joker, also Two-Face. It was a more visceral experience, I’d love to be able to do that for Doctor Strange.”


As we know, Benedict Cumberbatch is contracted for multiple appearances as Doctor Strange. Further, it’s not a surprise that Doctor Strange will be making future appearances, in fact he is already confirmed for the next Avengers movie. Kevin Feige recently said about the mystical conjurer;

“Doctor Strange plays a very, very important role in the [Marvel] Cinematic Universe going forward,” “According to the Marvel Studios boss, the character will feature in “many upcoming films, including the next Avengers films.”

What may be somewhat surprise is the darker tone that Derrickson desires for the inevitable sequel.  That said, his credits list a plethora of horror genre films such as Sinister 2, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Hellraiser: Inferno and Deliver Us From Evil.

So what villains would the Dark Knight-esque sequel focus on? Doctor Stephen Strange has a rather dark rogues gallery and lists such characters as Black Heart, Dormammu, Dracula, Loki, Morgan Le Fay, Satannish, The Nameless One, Skurge and more.  Strange was also part of the Illuminati, a secret elite group of some of the most powerful heroes in Marvel lore that is said to be appearing in future Marvel Cinematic Universe films.  If they explore this route more then their rogues gallery opens up even further.

So, who would you like to see as Doctor Strange’s next antagonist? Who would be appropriate given the direction of the larger MCU plot? Sound off in the comments below with your answer!

Dr Strange 2



About Doctor Strange:

Doctor Strange stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Benjamin Bratt, Mads Mikkelson, Benedict Wong, Scott Adkins and is rated PG-13.


Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” follows the story of the talented neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a tragic car accident, must put ego aside and learn the secrets of a hidden world of mysticism and alternate dimensions. Based in New York City’s Greenwich Village, Doctor Strange must act as an intermediary between the real world and what lies beyond, utilizing a vast array of metaphysical abilities and artifacts to protect the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Written by Marvel

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