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Doctor Who’s Entire History In Less Than 4 Minutes ALL IN ONE TAKE

Doctor Who Music Video

11 Doctors and 50 years of great science fiction television all about a mad man who stole a blue box called a TARDIS. If you are a fellow Whovian like myself, then how do you even begin to honor or respect a television show with such a pedigree as Doctor Who?

First, you decide to make a video that as epic as the television series, and then you decide to do something as crazy as the Time Lord would do. Shoot said video in ONE TAKE.

So my friends and I created a live action music video that recaps all the 11 Doctors and the show’s entire history all in one take. You heard that right. No edits. No cuts. Simply one continuous 3 minute video that celebrates the Doctor. Do you think you can spot all the Easter eggs we make to the show’s characters and storylines? Then take a journey through time and space, my companion.


Also, keen observers of science fiction may recognize the set to our video as the one used in the end credits of Buckaroo Banzai. 


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