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Dragon Trio #2 Review

Insane Comics

Written by Winston Jordan and Michael Armstrong
Art by Winston Jordan
Edited by James Munch
Consulting for Lettering by Alex Giles
Cover Art by David Tay

Dragon Trio 2

When I talk about indie comics and indie comic creators I often use the word passion. Passion for the art of creating comics; be it pencils, inks, colors, or letters, but a lot of times the secondary things get overlooked. The passion needs to drive you to spend an hour creating even after a twelve hour day at work or in the case of Dragon Trio the passion to release some control to other like minded artists. Dragon Trio is Jordan’s baby and he has done most of it himself, at least until he brought in some other people for issue two. The passion to create something special is evident when someone knows their work would look better with a little help from a friend. Michael Armstrong does a magnificent job with the color schemes that brighten up this book and help to give it the look it needs. I haven’t read Dragon Trio one but from my prior interview with Jordan I already know what an impact it has on creators that allow themselves like minded collaborators. Taking the pressure of coloring away from himself Jordan made a great decision because I can see him spending his precious time on other aspects of the creating. Jordan solicited more and accepted other aspects of help in the creation process as well allowing James Munch head of Insane Comics to help with editing. I feel like Armstrong and Munch have added a stable second look that anchors Dragon Trio with Winston as the anchor and the other two as the chain that connects it to the comic book boat.

Dragon Trio 3

One place I feel Jordan must have spent more time is on the plotting of the story and script. Again it comes down to passion. I feel like Jordan has had a passion for things like comics, voice dubbed old school martial arts movies, and all things action packed. I feel aspects of classic martial arts flicks like Enter the Dragon mixed with more modern versions of action films or even action filled cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jordan even put in some good aspects of a love story that is starting to bloom. Jordan’s writing style is fun and fitting for the new generation of action writing, he has a balance and approaches the story with a caution that doesn’t overload one aspect making some things outshine over others. I feel like the balance in action and drama are what a lot of things miss the mark on but Jordan does well to incorporate them together with equal time.

Dragon Trio is easy to find on Insane Comics website with either print or digital.

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