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Dragon*Con 2012: Friday Afternoon Cosplay

When I think Dragon*Con, I think “Amazing cosplay.”  Well, okay, first I think “velvet and spandex in the Deep South summer?” – but then I think “Amazing cosplay!”  And today did not disappoint.

My ability to take photos in the halls, however, did disappoint.  Here are a few shots of my favorites from today.  Prepare for the onslaught of amazing costuming tomorrow as everyone dons their finest for another fun (if humid) day.

First up is this fantastic trio who I might have pounced on while walking down the street.  But, come on – tiny Captain Mal?  Gender-swapped Jayne and Kaylee?  I want these people to be my friends because they are pure awesome:


Carrying on with the “pure awesome” theme (and on the “I am willing to pounce on people when they’re least expecting it” theme), a duo of Harry Potter cosplayers fresh from the Dragon*Con blood drive.  There were a few other Snapes that I saw today, but no one will rival Snape in Neville’s Gran’s dress (complete with vulture hat).  Add in an awesome McGonagall and this is pure win:

A very professional Iron Man – complete with fancy moving pieces, flashy lights… and Stark Girl.

And, ending with a theme.  An awesome gender-swapped Captain Jack and Ianto.  I love the iconic pose, but wish you could see more of Captain Jack here – fantastic detail and the right vibe.  I might be experiencing Captain envy…

A gorgeous duo of 10th Doctor and Clockwork Droid from “The Girl in The Fireplace.” (Hoping they’ll be back tomorrow so I can get a proper photograph – the detail was amazing).

Finally, Rose Tyler – Defender of Earth.

Check back Saturday night for more (and better) photos – and be sure to follow @ware_nerd for updates throughout the day.

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