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Dragon*Con 2012: Marvel Photoshoot


So, Sunday afternoon, while I was hanging out near an Orc, waiting for my phone to charge, a lovely, cape-clad Rogue told me about the Marvel photoshoot happening in an hour (I love that that sentence can exist, for the record. So nerdishly awesome).  Several hundred characters from the Marvel universe, just hanging out, available for photos?  Yeah.  I’ll be there.

I spent some time wandering around, first in the convention hotel (because, well, air conditioning) and then outside where the Marvel group was to meet.  Posing occurred:

After lots of waiver signing (apparently, being a superhero involves paperwork) and a reminder that this was not the photoshoot for people wearing cheap, store-bought costumes, the crowd split into groups.

I resisted the temptation to make the requisite “Assemble!… over here, on the stairs” joke.

(Okay, no, that’s a lie.  I didn’t resist.)

S.H.I.E.L.D in full effect:

You can imagine how easy it is to wrangle a group of Deadpools:

Lokis on the move:

Overheard: “Amazingly enough, we have enough for a Guardians of the Galaxy group this year.”  Please follow the raccoon.

Spider-Man World:

​Adorable X-Men Evolution Kurt and Kitty:

And, finally, the main X-Men group shot. A million bonus points, endless appreciation of your nerd skills and a shout-out to your awesomeness if you can name every character in this photo:

X-Men Cropped 2

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