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Dragon*Con 2012: Saturday Cosplay


A few cosplay standouts from today’s wanderings.  First up a group of DC characters, looking quite professional:


Gambit and Marvel Girl representing Marvel quite nicely:

I had to take this picture twice, because these wonderful​ Game of Thrones​ fans were smiling the first time.  Khal Drogo does not smile enthusiastically (Daenerys still might).

Hagrid, on the other hand, seemed not to have that problem.

But, really… let’s be honest.  It was Doctor Who Day.

Part of the fun is seeing the range of costumes.  Costumes ranged from the professional to the interpretive to the downright adorable.  Small child in a homemade Dalek costume?  Falls into the later category:

This Novice Hame?  Probably going to file this one under “Professional.”  Or, maybe “jaw-droppingly awesome.”  Or, depending on where you’ve run into a cat in a wimple, perhaps “unnerving.”

A very patient Donna Noble who humored me as I kept repeating “Donna Noble has left the library… Donna Noble has been saved.”  Stunning makeup on the Madame Vastra, as well – really looked amazing in person.

Lots of companions represented – like this trio of contemporary companions: a Lone Centurion Rory, a Kissogram Amy Pond and a “Day of the Moon” River Song.

Had a lovely conversation with this Fourth Doctor.  He was on his way to a costume contest – hope he did well!

More versions of the Doctor, you say?  Happy to oblige.  It was hard to move today without tripping over a pair of converse or getting distracted by a bow tie (so cool), but other Doctors still got some love.  Here’s a Ten flanked by a pair of Fives, since you have to appreciate a fan willing to wear a decorative vegetable.

But, at least for me, it’s all about the Ninth Doctor – and there just weren’t that many to be found. I might have squealed when we came across this group – a Nine (complete with shop window dummy arm – AND a very good impression of the Christopher Eccleston exaggerated choking bit), a Ten, a Bachelor Party Rory (complete with hilarious shirt) and a Mickey Smith.  So awesome.

But, really, there’s one Doctor Who character that stands above the rest:

Sadly, the door was locked.


One more day of Dragon*Con for me – hope to see everyone out in their Sunday finest.

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