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Dragon*Con 2012: Sunday Cosplay


Sunday morning started off as Dragging*Con for me, requiring massive amounts of caffeine – and, judging by the length of the Starbucks line, I was not the only one off to a sleepy start.  Thankfully, Sunday morning cosplayers weren’t slacking off.

First up, a round of professional looking costumes that were edging up on “mind-blowing” in person:

Ignore for a moment how badly a lightsaber messes with the focus on a camera and appreciate instead the amount of work in this costume.  The body puppet parts – the legs and the head – looked amazing.  Really, a bit freaky to watch in movement (and I mean that in the best possible way).

Continuing on a theme and added to the list of Remote Controlled Replicas I Totally Want:

A very patient Katniss was in high demand for pictures – I had to wait for a flock of small children to have their turns before snapping a picture:

A little Disney action to round things out:

And then, back to my own personal weakness – Doctor Who cosplay.  A pair of Fours and an excellent K-9:

A great looking group (I caught them at a crosswalk but Captain Jack had already crossed the street):

I had mentioned on Twitter that there were lots of great general Doctors, but I was ready to see episode-specific costumes.  In particular, I wanted a “Christmas Invasion” Ten – someone cruising around in striped pyjamas and a dressing gown, complete with satsuma in the pocket.  Not an hour later, I crossed paths with this great guy:

If I had known I could put in orders, I would have done so sooner. For future reference, though, I’d like to see a set of twins dressed up as “Journey’s End” 10 and the Meta Crisis hanging out with the DoctorDonna and an aggressively lisping Rose Tyler.

Adding to the awesomeness, Jim-jams 10’s friend was dressed as “The Doctor Dances” Rose.  They cemented themselves as my favorite people when he handed her the sonic, saying, “Wait, no – I didn’t have this in my episode, but you did in yours.”  Accuracy in cosplay, people.  It’s a beautiful thing:

And, finally, this group who had the most impressive props I’d seen yet:

Thus ends my very brief survey of this weekend’s cosplay. There were tons of great costumes – only at Dragon*Con can you feel out of place and poorly dressed because you’re not wearing Spandex.  Next time… next time, a costume might have to happen.

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