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Dream Crashers Kickstarter Preview

Dream crashers

A while back I took a look at this little comic called Dream Crasher and was blown away by this complex story that was complimented by a beautiful art style that is hard to pinpoint. Because I did the review of volume one I can quote myself in saying “Dream Crasher is a truly unique piece of art, both writing and illustrations” and nothing has changed in this aspect. The story is complex and strange but easy to read and the art is in sync with the writing. The art has an ebb and flow that jumps from easy lighter moments in the story to harder and darker moments with ease and done with perfect harmony to the story. Being that they have done four issues and this Kickstarter is a trade collection of the first four issues the team have found their groove.

The Kickstarter has a very nice and affordable rewards tier that help readers get caught up instantly by offering the first two issues digitally for four dollars or all four for eight dollars. In the digital age it’s a given that PDF or some sort of digital download should be offered but not all people understand that so it’s great to see the Dream Crasher team embracing this. Other than the nice digital rewards the trade paperback is very affordable at twenty five dollars. With a collection like this I’ve seen people ask double, especially for Kickstarter’s, but these guys are more worried about delivering a quality product than fleecing the good natured folks that patron Kickstarter.

If this seems like something up your alley then head over to Kickstarter and give it a look!

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