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Dynamite comic review: Dresden Files War Cry #3 – spoiled


Dresden Files War Cry #3

Butcher, Powers, Gomez


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

War Cry #3

The opening of this months issue is a bit more morbid that we may have been expecting. In a truly epic flashback to the time of Mesopotamia (I think) and King Hammurabi, we are given a look at what a Shoggoth, the outsider revealed in the previous issue, can do. Apparently , one of these creatures is responsible for removing said civilization from history.

Jumping back into the thick of the modern day problems of Dresden and crew, we get to see them throwing down their best spells against the Red Court vampires they have decided to bring the proverbial “it” to. The strategy appears to be increasing the snow, using wind to destroy visibility, and then move through the white out picking off vampires. Ramirez is taking to the strategy with his usual machismo, but Meyers…not so much. Through Ramirez’ optimistic outlook on the battle charges the Baron, striking the young warden and calling out Dresden.

Before the two can join in combat, the reader is treated to the newest wave of Red Court attack: Human Forces. Humans, being mortal, can pass thresholds with impunity and this one is as deadly as they come. He kills several of the Venatori and takes one of them hostage. Leveraging her life, the Red Court special ops soldier forces the Venatori to show him the Shoggoth. As they descend the stairs, McGuckin, the first wounded and mostly forgotten Venatori, tackles the man down the stairs.

Off into the woods, a mysterious hooded stranger begins to kill Red Court vampires. We cannot see his face and despite the vampire’s assumption that he is a warden, I am not convinced.

Back in the basement, the human soldier turns his rage onto the already injured Venatori, killing him. This buys the hostage enough time to grab the villains gun and kill him. Taylor enters the basement bringing bad news. The wardens are losing.

Finally, we return to the fight between Dresden and Bravosa. The art here is incredibly dynamic, but leaves you a little addled as to what exactly is happening action wise. During the fight, Bravosa mentions a vital portion of information, that confirms Dresden’s suspicions of a traitor in the Elder Council of the White Council of wizards. Breaking away from the boastful vampire lord, Dresden goes to the aid of his wards, and for a moment he bolsters them.

As the Baron marches through the snow, his second in command is trying to warn him of a new threat, picking off vampires in woods. As he marches away, disregarding her concerns, she is killed by a machete that emerges from her mouth. The rouge reveals himself to be none other than Thomas Raith, Dresden’s half brother, and swashbuckling prince of the White Court of vampires!

This issue wasn’t quite as intense as the last one. The action was a bit more interesting; especially with the stiletto of the human agent of the Red Court aimed at the underbelly of Venatori. The Baron and Dresden coming to blows left a bit to be desired, but it is still only the third issue, so we wouldn’t want to rush that. The introduction of Thomas Raith was a great cliff hanger ending, and it is a happy ending to the comic. This scares me though. If something that helps this much happens at the end of the third issue, how much worse are things going to get for the team before the end of the series. Unfortunately, its another month before we find out.

My rating: 4 / 5

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