Dynamite Comic Review: Dresden Files War Cry #4 – Spoiled


Dresden Files War Cry #4

Butcher, Powers, Gomez


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

With the reveal of Dresden’s brother, Thomas Raith, as the cloaked ally at the end of last issue, we had a particularly powerful flash of hope. Believe me, it doesn’t last long. The distraction buys the group of wardens a chance to make it back to the house, and Thomas is more than happy to play his part.

War Cry #4 1

It is interesting to see into the mind of Thomas as he questions the intelligence of his course of action. The fight between the Red Court leader and Thomas is well done, though doomed for the good guys team as Thomas hasn’t been “eating” lately and his White Court heritage isn’t the boon it should be. With typical bravado, Remirez shows up just in the nick of time, putting a bullet through the Red vampire’s face.

While they all fight their way back to the Venatori’s building, it is a few moments before harry realizes that Remirez and Yoshimo never made it back. Bravosa’s face, dealing with the damage of the bullet, is a fearsome combination of vampire and man, making him all the more villainous. He takes a strange tact with his hostages, trying to convince them to become warlocks, or wizards who break the seven laws of magic.

Back in the Venatori home, everyone has to keep Harry from rushing back out to save them. After the initial outburst, they get a quick debriefing of what the mortals they are protecting had to deal with during the Warden’s assault on the vampires. Thomas is shaken with the news of the single human operative causing so much damage. Shaken, incidentally, because his Court has sent a large unit of mortal troops to reinforce the enemy.

Yet again we get an interesting insight into Thomas’ mind, this time regarding Dresden. While most of what is said is implied in all of the books thus far, to actually read exactly how he feels is both powerful and moving.

Meyers is left to help with the Venatori blockade, and the half brothers decide to try yet another frontal assault. Fatalistically, the two hostages hatch a plan to be the first line of defense against this new wave of White Court lackeys. While the fighting makes for an excellent and direct distraction, Thomas is the first to notice that the troops have made it to the building in record time.

Meyer is stopping a truly impressive number of bullets, but is quickly being worn down. He hatches a plan of his own. He uses his earth magic to lift the house fifty feet into the air.

Bravosa condescendingly tells Dresden that this was folly. That the house will collapse and there will be no more thresholds to keep them out. Dresden’s only answer is one of his patented movie quotes.

“Release the Kraken!”

Even the Red Court vampires can’t believe what that implies…until the Shoggoth bursts from the earth below the house!

I have to say this issue was just as god as the second, with the inclusion of Thomas and the stakes being raised, yet again. It is a treat to see how Thomas thinks and his reasons for following and fighting with his brother Harry. Bravosa becoming less visually human is an interesting symbol, too, considering that all of his best laid plans are making him more and more desperate. Seriously, I should have seen the Shoggoth bit coming, but they just made it sound so FINAL in the earlier issues that I put it out of my mind. How is harry going to put the creature back in it’s box when this is over? I guess I’ll just have to wait for the finale.

My rating 4.75 / 5

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