Dynamite Review: Ex-Con #1


Dynamite Entertainment has put out some really great stories lately, often taking lead from TV and movie properties like The Shadow, Flash Gordon, Evil Dead, and many others. What I like most from this company is the line of new comics from different creators. Among them, this week’s release of Ex-Con #1 written by Duane Swierczynski and drawn by Keith Burns. Swierczynski has done some great stuff recently, like the IDW series Judge Dredd, X for Dark Horse, and Bloodshot for Valiant Entertainment.

The story of Cody Pomeroy is an interesting one. From a young age this man could see the auras of people. For him there is nothing mystical or magical about it, he’s not a mutant, or some superhero or alien from another planet. He can just see halos of color around people’s bodies that tell him certain things about them. As any real person would, Cody uses this to his advantage in all his dealings, using it to insinuate himself into situations where he can take advantage of people and their emotions. Bottom line? Cody is a grifter with a gift.

Taking part in some of the seedier parts of life, Cody tended to run in dangerous circles and it ends up biting him in the butt. The story begins with him getting busted in a sting operation orchestrated by a girl named See. He trusted her and paid the price for it. The interesting part was that he could not read her.

Ex-ConAlthough told he would get a light sentence, Cody ends up with 5 years in San Quentin because his last mark was a big time player and has a bounty on his head. Luckily, a man known as the Pope of San Quentin saves him and offers him protection. The problem with that is that now he owes the Pope a favor, and that is never a good thing.

Upon his release, Cody just wants to go straight and try to have a normal life. But right away he is picked up by a limo and driven in style to meet someone he hoped never to lay eyes on again, See, the woman who betrayed him. Now he has a challenge placed before him and it is time for that favor to be called in. One job. But it is a job that he is not sure he can do.

I really enjoyed this issue, and I was not sure I would. The character of Cody is one of those guys you read about and just hope he catches a break, even though he has made some bad decisions. Of course, he doesn’t, so it is sort of frustrating, but there is still that hope. I look forward to what the team will do with this series.

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