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Earthling Vegan Warrior #3 Review


Creator/Writer Dave Brink
Artist Jim Jimenez
Colorist Jeremy Scott Browning
Letterer HdE
Artists European Cover Jim Jimenez and King Bola
Artists Back Cover Jim Jimenez and Lancelot Catan

Brink is back with his vegan warrior, Earthling; and things are starting to really cook, meat free of course. While getting deeper into a story arc the writing style starts to take a front seat to the art, at least for me, because if art is good it’s consistent, while writing needs to really start pushing the story. When Brink sent me the PDF he said that felt like this issue is more, “Superhero-y” than the last two and I have to agree. There is more action and fight scenes but just because this issue is packed with action doesn’t mean that it lacks at all in story. A few common themes are consistent throughout the series and they stay relevant throughout; Earthlings inability to fit in with the superhero team being one of the major issues. Part of the problem is that the heroes don’t understand Earthling and part of that is that their part of the establishment that Earthling has been fighting since before he received the Earthling powers. Part of Earthling’s life before gaining the powers continues to play a role in the storyline as well as the ever growing presence of other superheroes and villains. Brink has found a niche in creating seriously creepy villains but with this issue we see that he is also skilled in hero creation. All of issue three is consistent with the first two issues and only gets better, which is all a reader could ask for.

Jimenez and Browning have made a great team since the beginning and have come to be the standard that I expect with Earthling. Beautiful bright colors and originally designed characters with consistent looks for characters like Earthling that are in both superhero and human forms. The art for Earthling is consistent, meaning that when he is a white skinned normal guy he looks the same as when he is the red skinned superhero, and that sort of attention to detail is important for me. If this sort of consistency isn’t obtainable then I feel like a book lacks in quality but the quality of Earthling is right up with any sort of book coming from major publishers.

HdE, again, is the best. He is only rivaled by a small few but remains one of the most influential letterers in the indie game. His ability to make dialog come to life and to sprinkle in actions and customized captions is amazing. In Earthling HdE utilizes his abilities to make custom captions that highlight the special abilities of Earthling and I feel like they’re the perfect touch to this comics.

If you feel like giving Earthling a look you can check out Twitter, Facebook, Patreon, Instagram, or email them directly. Now you have the tools to become a warrior!

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