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Earthling Vegan Warrior #4 Review

Preview 640 x 480

Creator/Writer Dave Brink
Pencils/Inks Jim Jimenez
Colors Bryan Magnaye and King Bola
Letters HdE
Front Cover Jim Jimenez and King Bola
Back Cover Jim Jimenez and Lancelot Catan
Editor In Chief Dave Brink
For Short Fuse Media Group LLC
Publisher Rashaan “Sean Mack” McAdoo
Art Director Larry Walker Jr.
Financial Director Marisela Perez
PR Director Kathryn Calamia

As many people might know I’ve followed and reviewed Earthing from issue one all the way to now. At this point in the production of Earthling I’ve been extremely happy with the progress of Earthling as a character. Brink has Earthling firmly established in the world he has built, and I do mean world, because their is a clear set of Avengers/Justice League type heroes that Earthling has been clashing with. I can’t speak for Brink and the direction he plans on taking his comic book but the build that he has for Earthling and Lovechild (another hero) as well as the villains is setting up some grandiose action and can have really intense storyline implications. Speaking of villains, and again I won’t speak for Brink, but I see a huge opportunity for Brink to bring his world together through the villains and the threat they pose. The themes of the issues are consistent from issue to issue as well as the development of the character and world, because Earthling is the vegan warrior the vegan theme and the superhero that stands up for all species is always present but I can see Brink really tieing his world together through the plight of the villain and maybe making Earthling more worried about fighting the evil villains versus saving various animals in need. I believe in Brink’s idea and his writing skills so I’m sure he has a plan for not only the villains but for the animal rights activism as well. I believe this because it’s clear that both comic books and animal rights are near and dear to Brink’s heart and it shows in every issue of Earthling.

One of the smartest things brink has done is find some seriously good artists to work with. Jimenez has talent that could easily keep him busy on top notch properties until the end of time. I’m surprised he hasn’t been poached from the ranks of the best indie creators to work on more recognizable properties. At the least he would kill it on something like a horror comic at Darkhorse and at best I can see him working on any of the most famous superheroes from the big two. Clearly Jimenez’s art is only as good as the colorists that accentuate the art and for colors and there were two people making this book as good as it does. Magnaye and Bola are both capable colorists and I feel like that is on full display as they seamlessly work between each other. I can’t imagine how hard it is to do something in tandem like they do, I can’t even walk behind someone without stepping on their heal let alone make a book look so clean and sharp with no way to tell the difference between artists. None of the artists efforts mean much if there isn’t someone like HdE to tie it all together. HdE is without a doubt one of the best indie letterers in the game and he has always brought his best to Earthling. HdE has always done great lettering and design for the captions, which I really enjoy, and his legacy continues with latest installment of Earthling.

Brink made the move to take Earthling to Short Fuse Media Group and I feel like this is a great move. Earthling has some dynamic characters, particularly villains, and the possibilities for crossovers and cameos is something that really excites me. Short Fuse has a wealth of characters that could easily appear with Earthling and vise versa. I truly hope to see some the cross book team ups and if Short Fuse does something like the Heroes Ignited again, Earthling will look great alongside other Short Fuse heroes.

If you think Earthling is something you want to check out you can find everything Earthling on their Facebook page.

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Earthling is a must. This superhero is where the others are missing. Good story, interesting, in depth I can discern philosophical knowledge, cleverly summarized in short conversations.

Edition 3 and the last, nr 4, are the best, in my opinion

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