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ECCC 2013: Cosplay Round-up

ECCC 2013 Program

This past weekend I attended Emerald City Comic-Con. I’ve been going for the past four years, and it’s remarkable how much it has grown since my first time attending. What I like most about Emerald City is the fact that it’s small enough where the focus still remains on comics – from the big shot publishers like DC & Marvel, but also the small press and web comics. Conventions like San Diego are so overwhelmingly large, it’s easy to miss small indie comics in lieu of towering movie displays.

In the recent years, Emerald City has also added a lot of attention to voice actors, which is something unique that I haven’t experienced in other conventions I’ve gone to. Their panels are easily my favourite here! Friday night my little Robin & I went to the Star Wars Radio Play table read by voice actors Grey DeLisle, Quinton Flynn, Richard Horvitz, Phil LaMarr, and Kevin Michael Richardson. Hilarious to listening to Zim as Darth Vader yelling about the rebellion… you can see clips of it on YouTube and the full video from last year as well.

Something else I think has considerably benefited from ECCC’s growth is the costuming and the whole cosplay factor. This year, there were some crazy impressive costumes! And the con was big enough that, looking through flickr and online, there were so many that I didn’t even see.  There were a lot of patterns this year (Homestuck and Supernatural are immediately called to mind), but the variety was impressive! I’m excited to see what next year brings.

Here are a few shots of my favourite costumes of the weekend. Apologies for some of the blur – my low f-stop lens needs to be replaced and I refuse to admit it.


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Looks like a pretty good time. Sad I wasn't able to make it.

next time!!!

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