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Elasticator #4- A Hero is Born


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Recently, I was able to review Elasticator #1-3, a fun action-superhero comic by writer Alan Christopher Medina and artist Kevin Shah. I was also able to interview Alan and Kevin, and they gave me a copy of Elasticator #4 to review as well.

I liked the first 3 issues, and this fourth one was great as well. This is the issue where we actually see how the main character became Elasticator, a superhero with stretch powers akin to Dhalsim from Street Fighter or Mr. Fantastic (Richard Reed) from The Fantastic Four. Unlike previous comic book characters with such extendable powers, though, Elasticator is dark and bloody, with lots of underworld crime and violence.

In this issue, as we see what makes this hero, we also get to see more of Elasticator’s mother, and her struggles in trying to find her son. Meanwhile, the comic is filled with superhero science and organized crime, as Elasticator steps up against his foes.

Elasticator does not see himself as a hero. He does not see his deeds as noble. Even as we see him go through his “superhero” transformation, we are well aware of this.

Along with the fun, high energy story Alan delivers yet again, Keven Shah continues to produce powerful art. His facial expressions are great, and the main thing I like about his art style. He knows how to convey human emotion. There are many parts of this story, especially in the beginning, where there is no dialogue and the art drives the story. The action speaks as loud as the words. You get the emotion with Elasticator’s mom, most of all, and Elasticator as well. There’s that classic anthem of normal beta guy turns alpha super-powered phenomenon, and it mixes well with the criminal world Elasticator is forced to fight.

Overall, good issue, and looking forward to reading 5. I was also happy to hear that Alan Christopher Medina was appointed as Creative Director of Scout Comics. Congratulations to him, and I’m thankful to read another issue of Elasticator. I hope you check it out as well.

I enjoyed Elasticator. It’s been a while since I read any costumed fighter comics outside of the regular big company characters, so I enjoyed this indie take on the genre.Elasticator Hope you get to enjoy it as well! It’s available on Scout Comic’s website.

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