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Elasticator Interview- Meet Alan Christopher Medina and Kevin Shah



Recently, I was able to review Elasticator #1-3, a fun action-superhero comic by writer Alan Christopher Medina and artist Kevin Shah. I was recently about to interview the both of them, and it’s my privilege to present this interview to you today.

Brian Barr: When did you guys come up with the idea for Elasticator?

Alan Christopher Medina: I came up with the idea of Elasticator about 4 or so years back, before I even decided to write comics. Elasticator was originally a character I played on an online video game, the game itself wasn’t too so for that reason I had to make my own entertainment, mainly writing stories for my guild mates to read. The feedback was great and the I kept doing the more I realized this was what I wanted to do, tell stories, next thing I knew I was moving to New York City to study screenwriting, that same year I decided to do Elasticator as my first comic.

Kevin Shah: After I sent Alan my initial sketches, he responded almost instantly, that was June of last year, since then we’ve just been rolling through everything!

BB: Reading Elasticator, I assumed there may be an influence from Mark Millar’s work, mixing crime fiction, action, and comedy. Alan, is he an influence of yours? Also, who else would be comic book influences for your writing?

ACM: I think in today’s world of comics, everyone has a little Miller influence in their work, and I definitely enjoy his work, especially his high concepts. I’m also inspired by a lot of today’s current writers like Brian K. Vaughn, Robert Kirkman, and Jason Aaron. I grew up on a lot of Vertigo so many of the creators back then also influence my work.

BB: Kevin, you have a good mixture of a cartoony and realistic style for Elasticator. Do you have any main influences for your art?

KS: Comics are GREAT! but my biggest influence was Animation. Bruce Timm’s DC animated shows, DBZ and many classics; I grew up with those and its what drove me to hold a pencil and draw. It was after 12th grade when I realized that I had the potential to do art as career. I studied a short course on Animation and CGI. Eventually my art started shaping even further when comics/mangas got my interest. I believe both, animation and comics industry are vary relatable but I perused comics. I enjoyed the aspect of “Creative Freedom and Collaboration” with a smaller team and because of that, art felt more personal. I’m still a newbie as a working professional whose style is incomplete and developing!

BB: What can you tell us about Scout Comics, the company that distributes your comic? Did they reach out to you, you to them?

ACM: Scout’s great! The team at Scout is very personal in what they do and honest, which as a first time writer it was great to have that in my publisher. They found us at New York Comic Con last year, we had a table there and the week after the show we had a meeting and we announced a month later.

KS: I haven’t had to deal with Scout yet, like at all, so I’ll leave those parts to Alan.

BB: How’s the creative process and interaction like when you and the other creators of the comic?

ACM: Despite being from all parts of the world, me from New Jersey, Kevin from Chicago, Micah from Virginia, and Ross from Scotland, I try to keep the creative process as tight knit as possible. Everyone gets a say and we’re all equals, if I could I’d have us all working in some sort of pocket dimension with everything we’d need to get the job done but alas I’m just a writer. Still we’ve all become good friends so I’d like to think the tight knit aspect of our creative team has worked out.

KS: Our process is great! We have the classic comic workflow without lack of communication, always open for creative suggestions and no egos. Its a healthy mind set Alan set since day one and something that I always believed in. We are all working as paid artists but end of day we are all very good friends as well.

BB: Along with Elasticator, what other comics have you guys worked on?

ACM: This is my first comic ever and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

KS: Elasticator is my first comic ever!

BB: Alan, do you write novels and short stories, or anything else, outside of comic books?

ACM: I’ve written a few short stories, nothing published but they exist! Film is another passion of mine and currently I’m in the middle of finishing a feature script, which I hope to get in some hands next year. Once my current work load lightens a bit I want to get started on a Pilot script for televisions series I’ve had in the back of my head since I was a teenager.

Elasticator pic 2

BB: Who are your favorite comic book artists?

ACM: Well, I always say no matter how big he gets I will always be Kevin’s biggest fan but there are also a lot of phenomenal artists out today. Sean Murphy, Matteo Scalera, Ryan Ottley, Tradd Moore, Rafael Albuquerque, Skottie Young, and Otto Schmidt just to mention a few of my many favorites. I believe we live in the greatest era of comic book art, today our artists get the freedom they’ve always deserved and all the new art has such a strong voice, it really makes you proud to be in comics.

KS: My current inspirations are Sean Murphy, Matteo Scalera, Ken Lashley, Sanford Greene, Otto Schimdt, Rafael Albuquerque, Tradd Moore, Jorge Jimenez…the list is never ending.


BB: Along with Elasticator, do you have any future projects people should be on the lookout for?

ACM: Yes! None I can say much on at this time other than they are coming! Right now I have a mini series in development with a phenomenal artist that I hope to get out there as soon as it’s ready. I have an ongoing I’m collaborating with Kevin on that we hope to get out there soon after Elasticator wraps up and another ongoing with an artist who’s currently finishing up some work.

KS: Alan has a new arsenal of stories, which are not just epic but well written! Once again, I might be jumping on board with one of them! Even as a creator this time.

Elasticator pic 1

BB: Any last words for readers and fans out there?

ACM: Thank you! From the bottoms of our hearts, thank you. Making comics is hard; making an indie comic is harder, making an indie, superhero comic? Damn near impossible but you guys have supported us the whole time and even to completion, there’s nothing we can do to thank but you just keep making comics we love and hope you will to.

KS: I have some major self-esteem issues, but the amazing feedback from fans and reviewers has been a therapy for me! Elasticator is more than everything we had hoped for. Thanks for the support and bringing us closer to our goals! You have my gratitude for this interview as well Brian!

I enjoyed Elasticator. It’s been a while since I read any costumed fighter comics outside of the regular big company characters, so I enjoyed this indie take on the genre. Hope you get to enjoy it as well! It’s available on Scout Comic’s website.

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