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Elasticator Review- Issues 1-3


I was given the opportunity to review the three issues of Elasticator by writer Alan Christopher Medina. As an independent comic creator, I always love seeing other comic creators doing what they love, doing their own work, and seeing projects through to finished issues for distribution.

Elasticator was released by Scout Comics. While Alan Christopher Medina created and writes the comic, Kevin Shah is the artist. Ross A. Campbell colors the comic, Micah Myers letters it, and the cover artist is Jean-Francois Beulieu.

Elasticator quickly reminded of Millar’s Kickass, Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, or Moore‘s Watchmen when I read it- the comic is a violent, gritty, no-holds barred superhero action with an interesting story and noticeable but subtle societal critiques. Some of the background story takes place in the recession, which hits to current events in our last decade, and also touches on inner city violence with gang warfare, drugs, etc. There’s tons of hilarious dialogue and scenes mixed with the grim world, and the language is just as unapologetic as the action scenes. With these mixtures, this comic is a fan for people who like both crime comics, comedy, and superhero comics. The hero of the story has intense powers to match his intense background, and the creativity behind his abilities and the fighting are entertaining.

For the story line, we trace the background of a young man apprehended by the police and how he became a violent vigilante named Elasticator. After moving to Brooklyn with his family, the main character gets involved in a life of crime after befriending a drug dealer, and soon makes more connections through his new hobby of selling drugs. As the story line progresses, we see how the main character changes, and becomes a powerful force that criminals soon learn to fear. We also watch as law enforcers try to figure out what’s going on with this young man, as well as the recent crime in their city.

The art of Elasticator is beautiful and fun. There’s a cartoon mixture in the traditional western-style comic art, giving it a cool look that brings The Goon and Venture Bros to mind. I like when comics can mix a funny, cartoony style with a semi-realistic look; it’s engaging and impressive, and well-balanced.

I enjoyed Elasticator. It’s been a while since I read any costumed fighter comics outside of the regular big company characters, so I enjoyed this indie take on the genre. Hope you get to enjoy it as well! It’s available on Scout Comic’s website.

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