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Comic Book World Reacts to 2016 Election Results


Below are some of the many and varied reactions to the historic 2016 United States Election results.  Their reactions range from elation to sadness to apathy to fear and disbelief.  These creators and artists and editors have expressed themselves on Twitter in their own words, via re-tweets and through imagery and meme’s.

Let’s take a look at what they’ve said.

Jimmy Palmiotti says “Ah well. Back to work”, echoing the sentiments of many.  It’s time to move on.


Brian Michael Bendis says spoke about his child and their reaction to the news.  BMB also re-tweeted David Marquez who wrote:  “To everyone who is hurt and scared tonight. you are loved. Hold on to that. You are not alone. We are in this together.”


Jonathan Hickman is not happy either and somewhat in disbelief at peoples’ motivations for voting. He said; “I don’t believe the vast majority of voters were voting for someone, they were voting against those running.  Nominate better candidates.”


Long time Amazing Spider-man writer Dan Slott wants to move to Canada now.

“Hey Canada” He writes “What’s up? Just thought I’d call and say hi. So… Um… Does that couch in the spare room fold out? Asking for a friend.”  But we know it’s him.  An amusing way to state his feelings indeed.


Jason Aaron and Cullen Bunn have a positive message to carry forward; “All I know to do is spend the next 4 years embracing, supporting and celebrating the rich diversity of my country and community as best I can.”  To their point, if you’re not happy with the message you can get out there and be a positive influence on people and make your own impact in your own way. Even if you are happy, you still have this gift and ability to spread to others.


Mark Waid retweeted a meme about how to change the subject today if you’re “Election-ed out”


Here you can see what Cullen Bunn had to say as well as Tim Seeley who retweeted his messages.


Mark Waid wants people to know “It DID happen here“. and Mr. Tom Brevoort agrees.


Gail Simone says “Art can be resistance.”


Ethan Van Sciver is elated by the results:


Echoing Gail Simone’s sentiments, Scott Snyder says some great art will come out over the next few years.


Babs Tarr spoke about the industry and the amount of her peers who are active in encouraging change and decency.


Chris Bachalo says some “strange days are here.”  Tim Townsend also thinks so.


It appears that Marguerite Bennett wants to hide from the world right now, not like her usual self. She also retweeted Jill Biden who said “There are no real winners. Half the country has openly voted for the oppression of LGBT’s, minorities, and women’s rights.”

trumpc14 trumpc15

Mark Millar comments on BOTH candidates and how they would fare against other politicians:


Sometimes all you need is one word, as seen in Sara Pichelli’s tweet:


Joe Mad!, Joe Madureira, took the comedy route with his tweet:


Jim Steranko, who was in the news recently for his political views, said:


Marjorie Liu likes the New York piece entitled “An American Tragedy”


Adam Hughes chose to post a meme of Gene Hackman saying “Never thought this thing would go the distance.”


Todd McFarlane is Canadian so he’s staying on brand and doing a Red vs Blue Giveaway!


Erik Larsen seems rather upset:


So does Phil Noto who is “numb right now” and compared the election to 9/11.


Francesco Francavilla is weighing his options now that the results are in:


Regardless, I think we can all agree with Leinil Yu who said “I wish you the best, USA. Goodluck to all of us.”


In thess divisive times, we’re gonna need all the luck we can get.

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