Emerald City Comic Con 2014: Dark Horse Reveals

Emerald City Comic Con

The Emerald City Comic Con took place this past weekend in Seattle, Washington. There were some great guests and events that happened. Trying to always be on the pulse of new comics, we got some news from Dark Horse Entertainment about three new series that will be coming out in July and August of 2014.

Emerald City Comic ConWhat better way to start things off than with a new series from beloved Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. He will be teaming up with author Christopher Golden, who also wrote Baltimore: The Infernal Train, to create a new comic series continuing the adventure of that monster hunter, Lord Henry Baltimore. This new series, Baltimore: The Witch of Harju, will a be three-issue mini series featuring art from Peter Berting and will be released on July 30, 2014.

Emreald City Comic ConNext on the list of new series is a four-issue mini called Deep Gravity from Mike Richardson, Gabriel Harman, and Corinna Bechko. This series is a sci-fi story based on Poseidon, a planet very similar to Earth, and only 3 light years away. Of course there is the conflict of a single corporation having the rights to all the resources on the planet, but otherwise, just like Earth. Sounds like an interesting premise for some battles and espionage on our “deadly sister planet”. Deep Gravity is coming to a comic shop near you July 30, 2014.

Emerald City Comic ConOur final entry into this special news article about Dark Horse Comics releases, is called Pop!. The premise is that all celebrities are actually products that are owned by the wealthiest people of the world. Not only are they owned, but they are also grown by them, maybe in some sort of genetic program? Sounds like an interesting twist, although I am pretty sure that Disney has some secret program to grow their stars, but there may be something wrong with it, I mean look how some of them turn out. Pop! will be a four-issue mini written by Curt Pires with art from Jason Copeland. Hitting shelves on August 27, 2014, Pop! should have us all asking some very important questions about the price we place on fame.

Some great things to look forward to from our friends at Dark Horse Entertainment. Stay tuned here for reviews of all the great comics and more news and opinions than you can shake a stick at.

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