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The End of the Planet… a week later…

motor city con

Everything that has a beginning must have an end…sayonara Planet…   Interestingly tho, never thought this article would begin – let alone end either…  Con crud, swallowing massive amounts of gum laughing too hard and camera SD card issues almost brought the last segment to a no-go… determination prevailed and here we are. Lost almost 452 pictures from Sunday, but with 25+ ‘ok’ pics salvaged and having begged and borrowed the rest – BOOM!  🙂

Steampunk from Kansas was SO INTENSE it was almost like steam heaven.  The steampunks were amazing, creative and provocative.  Brian Swearingin leads the Sky Marshals, who are part of a larger Steampunk organization called Steamworks and Shadows.  So much awesome here!

Among the great artists here is Kansas artist, Darryl Woods, a fantastic Star Wars artists that draws pictures for donations.  This year at PCC he raised $1,800 and gave it all to Wounded Warriors and Hopehouse.  He continues to partner with Star Wars troops to enhance the audiences experience by providing drawings and renderings for them.  Great guy!!!

Volunteer cosplay:  Jessica Meditz-Porter, Ron Panda Coleman, Mike Steinmetz and Trina Rice collectively throughout the year volunteer in costume with disabled and sick children – providing laughter and joy.  Below are pictures with children that were taken to the con briefly due to their health condition, but had so much fun!  Super Bo was among them, he is one of the awesome, brave little people.  It was very emotional for all the cosplayers that were lucky enough that day to be able to surround him with love and attention.  Cosplay is not just for fun and personal gain, but also for those around us and those in need of being cheered up with some laugh therapy and superhero friends!

All in all, Planet was another huge success, leaps and bounds from last year and will definitely be eclipsed next year with it’s already expected increase in cosplay and comic lover attendance.  Cosplayers keep 20-22 May 2016 on your calendar, radar, Outlook and IPhone reminders!  Its gonna be HUGE!!!

The Steampunk community in Kansas is AWESOME!!!!  Brian Swearingin leads the Sky Marshals, who are part of  Steamworks and Shadows!
PCC322jessica and jon
Jessica Meditz-Porter (serious  volunteer Children’s Hospital Costumer, cosplay lead at Planet Comicon and Elite Comics Supergirl) with Batman, aka Jon Robinson (Coordinator of Smallville Comicon in Hutchinson, KS – 20-21 June 2015)
KC Cosplay and Photography group shot with tons of cosplayers! Awesome camaraderie!  Photo courtesy of Angela Diegel
Cosplayer and humanitarian Jessica Meditz-Porter preps her padawan prior to bringing him through the crowd and on the floor to meet all the incredible guest and cosplayers!  Photo borrowed from Jessica Meditz-Porter
Fantastic smile – he’s loving it!  Photo borrowed from Jessica Meditz-Porter
‘Super Bo’ came around (young trooper in burgundy shirt) First time he’s been well enough to be of the house for quite a while, but this brave little guy was fantastic and made it through the con with the help of Supergirl, to meet Iron Man and the cosplay of Stan Lee among others.  Photo courtesy of Super Bo


Star Wars artist Darryl Woods creating some amazing art! He also raised $1,800 for his charity this weekend – such an amazing, unselfish and incredible man! Luv!!!
PCC326sunday crowd
Sunday crowd waiting to enter! Everyday they actually yelled, screamed and clapped when they were allowed in! It almost brought me to tears hearing the excited elation! Love the comics!!!  Photo courtesy of Haze family
The 501st and Iron Brothers of Topeka – even had a lone Umbrella Corps Vector and Predator in there! Awesome group!  Photo courtesy of Angela Diegel.
Cosplay Corners fav cosplay today – unique and it actually gave me a little shiver when the pose went live… perfect Dexter, perfect!!!
PCC31erin butt
Erin and Dennis Butt – cosplay dynamos! Photo courtesy of Angie Wallace
Groot PCC
Groot took home the gold – First place in the Costume Contest! Rocket would be proud! Photo courtesy of Jonny Hackett
Chi-Town homey Ash Maczko and Ashley Marie Witter were huge at Planet with Squarriors – going International with their April 2015 Calgary Con invite!!! Hoop, Hoop!

PCC31 PCC32jackfrost PCC33coleman PCC34 PCC35yellow dress PCC31flash PCC36ww PCC37belly PCC38LOTR PCC39steampunk PCC310group PCC311queen PCC313canadian PCC314wallace PCC316sunflower PCC317greenarmymen PCC318arrow PCC318steamfan PCC320truck PCC319me PCC320candle PCC321belle

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