Endigo Society, Mini-Issue #0- Short Look at a Short Book. Good, But Wanting More.



Norwick Robinson was kind enough to send me an 8 page and printed comic in the mail. It’s the first mini-issue of Endigo Society, and he says he has two other 8 page issues. All three basically make one issue. We talked about how much better it would be to combine them and release these comics as full, 22 page or more issues, and he was receptive to the advice.

Despite the comic preview being very short, I liked it. The art style reminded me very much of Aaron McGruder’s Boondocks, more the cartoon than the short, with the majorly manga style, focus on black protagonists, and the influx of Asian aesthetics. From the awesome cover with a girl holding a katana while cherry blossoms blew around her, to the same girl’s brother with a cool afro, I was loving the Boondock influence that Norwick Robinson confirmed was on purpose. The art is nice for a fun, American manga, the backgrounds aren’t skipped and have good placement with the characters, there’s good perspective shots and variety in angling.

The story opens up decent, and mainly serves to introduce the characters, in particular the girl on the cover, her brother, and her father. The girl and the father go to school, and we see a hint of some possible evil the girl may confront at the end of the comic. Again, good opening- but with 8 pages, it would be more fair to give the audience more. The description on the inside front cover offers the most clues as to what the story is about- a supernatural society, ancient legends, and spiritual secrets- so it’ll be cool to see how this story unfolds. I’m patient, and hope to one day read a full issue instead of a mini-issue.

I wanted to find some links to share on how to reach the creator or where to buy his comic, but the best thing I found was a link to the artist’s page: https://www.facebook.com/PyroglyphicsStudio/?fref=nf  The creator is a young guy that’s just getting his footing, and I think once he figures out how to distribute, promote, and market his comic, he’ll find a good audience for Indigo Society.

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i read issue 3 and it is exciting.

i just read the third issue and he reaaly goes into depth about the endigo society. im really a fan.

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