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Exclusive First Look: Arcana’s FLEE


Check out this exclusive preview of my new graphic novel FLEE.    Currently available on comixology and available for Pre-order at your local comic shop and book store across the country and beyond.




Diamond code : NOV120857
ISBN : 9781927424742

Here’s a brief summary of the story…

Rigby Pinkerton was your average bug exterminator stuck in a dead-end job and living with his plastic surgery addicted mom. When suddenly two warring alien races crash land in his backyard and a new sexy neighbor moves in next door, Rigby has no other choice but to step up and be the hero he never knew he was. With the help of a lone alien warrior and his wisecracking robot, Rigby will be the only one to save three worlds from galactic doom… whether he knows it or not. Get ready for an Alien invasion unlike anything you’ve expected.


Writer: Raphael Moran
Artist: Ed Watson
Artist: Marc Borstel
Artist: Atul Bakshi
Letterer: E.T. Dollman
Editor: Amanda Hendrix

The graphic novel is being published by Arcana Studios.   There’s a VERY cool twist that will make this one of the most original sci-fi comedies you’ll read in a while.   I sure hope the fans of will try it out.   Check the preview pages of the book below and go to your local comic shop and pre-order a copy today.

Flee Comic PAGE 1

Flee Comic PAGE 2

Flee Comics PAGE 3

Flee Comics PAGE 20

Flee Arcana Comics

Flee Comics Preview Page


Flee Arcana Comic Book Preview


Follow FLEE at the Flee Facebook page and at







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These aliens don't seem so bad, maybe we should just let them invade?

They're not bad….but they're very very annoying.

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