Exploring the World of Sci-Fi Movies


Science fiction has been alluring both for filmmakers and for the audience. At the beginning of film making, there was not so much scope for this kind of movie. With the advancement of technology, special effects were created, and this genre of films ware possible to make. Prior to this, science fiction was only found in novels and books by H.G.Wells and contemporaries. Their vivid imagination and concept were captivating, appealing to readers of all ages. With modern technology and dazzling special effects, these works of art were pasteurized. With improvements in technology, sci-fi movies got a pragmatic, stunning landscape.

The effort of making science fiction movies started in 1950. The storylines of those movies were fascinating, enthralling, and thrilling, but limited technicalities and special effects were a major obstruction to express the essence of the story. However, those movies were remade with stunning special effects and technology.

The Audience

The target audience of this kind of movies are people, who are open-minded to innovative ideas, concept. The storylines of these movies are centered on the alien from different planets attacking the human race. Gargantuan spices like Dinosaur; Godzilla are inhabited and attacking humans and other fantasies. The major purpose of these movies is pure entertainment, but some are truly thought-provoking and give rise to some fundamental question about universes which are still not answered.

Many unanswered questions

Most movies are made for entertainment like The War of the Worlds centered on the alien world. The Planet of Apes deals with the hypothetical subject and complex sociology themes. It questions the existing political structure and class system. Children of men is another example of an innovative idea when decades of infertility bring humankind to the verge of collapse. The plot of Matrix evolves on humanity trapped in virtual reality. Movies are creative expansion and expression of human fantasies about reminiscent past and tormenting the future, which concerns the human race. We want answers to these probing questions, which concerns the existence and well-being of humans.

The Gaming World

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