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Fall Television Preview: The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

Phil Keoghan will once again be greeting teams at the starting line and finish line for each leg. The Amazing Race returns to CBS for a 25th season tonight.

For 25 seasons, the show has been bringing teams of two people together to race around the world. Each leg of the race takes teams on a new journey to an exotic location. Along the way, the teams are tasked to compete in mini competitions centered around the local culture they are visiting. Finish the leg of the race first and your setup for a nice prize, generally either cash or a trip from a corporate sponsor. Finish last and you may be eliminated.

Not every leg is an elimination leg. At the same time, no one knows if it is an elimination leg until the last team checks in with Phil. Come in last on a non-elimination leg, however, and you’ll face a Speed Bump during the next leg. The Speed Bump will require you to participate in an extra challenge that others are not tasked with.

There are other bumps along the way. Teams can choose between two activities at various spots along the way. At some points, a U-Turn is available and a team can cause another team that arrives after them to participate in both challenges instead of just one. Teams can also earn an Express Pass, which allows them to skip an activity all together. This year, the winner of the first leg will receive a special pass, similar to an Express Pass in nature.

Eleven teams will compete in The Amazing Race. For the first time in 25 seasons, the show will start in front of a live crowd in Times Square, the location of the starting line for the very first race.

The teams will feature a pair of married dentists, a team of professional wrestlers, realators, surfers, cyclists, scientists, firefighters, college sweethearts, a mother/daughter combination and a couple from Nashville. There are four teams made up of two women, two teams of two men and five mixed-gender teams.


The Amazing Race kicks off on CBS Friday nights at 8 pm eastern time.

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