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Fall Television Preview: Arrow

With season 2 inciting arguments as to whether or not the show was jumping the shark, season 3 looks to push the envelope further still. The internet is buzzing with interest around the addition of Ra’s Al Ghul, will he be the marquee villain this season?
Let’s recap: Moira Queen is dead. Brother Blood is dead. Isabel is dead. And Slade is locked up in ARGUS. Who does that leave?
I spoke to John Barrowman a few months ago at Motor City Comicon. He told me to keep an eye on Thea Queen this upcoming season and that “the things I do to her, are so twisted.” And then he giggled. And smiled. It was a little creepy.
But, oh, so promising.
I expect the Dark Archer to have heavy impact on this season now. This is good though, as it will allow the time needed to actually develop new characters without leaning on them as the focal points for what’s to come. And it will also detract from the dissapointment of Laurel obviously becoming Black Canary. Nothing against her..but Sarah is hot…
Am I right? Of course I am.
It’s all but guaranteed to happen. (Second name drop here) Katie Cassidy was much less eager to give up information than her cohort but enough was said that I can pretty much predict the changes to come. What does this mean for Oliver’s love interest in the show? With Barry gone and getting his own show will that leave Felicity available? Or will one of the new characters swoop in and steal her eye? Is it too late for Laurel and Ollie?

Season three is rife with questions more so than season 2 was. One thing is certain, we will all be watching.

Check out the official preview for Season Three and tune in for the premier.


Arrow airs on The CW Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm eastern time.

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