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Fall Television Preview: Bad Judge

Bad Judge

NBC rolls out a pair of new comedies on Thursday nights. The first of those shows, Bad Judge, comes with Will Ferrell’s name attached as a producer.

The show features Kate Walsh as Judge Rebecca Wright. The honorable Judge Wright is actually anything but honorable. She is a partying rebel that seems like the last person you would picture sentencing anyone for crimes committed.

Her life’s a mess, she is anything but responsible and for 30-minutes every week viewers will be subjected to her various poor choices and lifestyle challenges.

Her redeeming qualities come out when she passes judgement. She thinks outside of the box and sentences criminals to funny and appropriately embarrassing assignments. It is the creative judge that everyone loves to read about but never seems to encounter.

If Bad Judge were a movie, it would certainly follow Judge Wright as she realized the error of her ways and corrected herself to help some person designed to tug on viewer’s heart strings. But this is a television show. If that is the overarching goal of this show, expect it to be drawn out for a long, long time.

More likely is the cancellation of the show in the near, near future.


Bad Judge airs on CBS Thursday nights at 9 pm eastern time.

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