Fall Television Preview: The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory Season 8

The biggest comedy on television today returns for an eighth season tonight. The Big Bang Theory, fresh off contract negotiations and pay raises for the cast, looks to continue to lead television comedies for years to come.

Some fans feel the show has already run a bit off course. The show debuted with a focus on three characters: Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter and Penny. The three have remained at the center of the show thanks to the talented actors that portray them. Penny, who’s last name has yet to be revealed on the show, is played by Kaley Cuoco. Cooper is portrayed by Jim Parsons. Johnny Galecki rounds out the trio as Hofstadter.

The trio has always been backed by two supporting actors that are remarkable in their own rights. Kunal Nayyar bring to life Raj Koothrappli while Simon Helberg shows his talents as Howard Wolowitz. The two rounded out the group of four scientists and uber-nerds that Penny befriends after moving in across the hall from Cooper and Hofstadter.

Throughout the seasons, the cast expanded to include a few more ladies. Melissa Rauch entered as a love interest for Wolowitz named Bernadette Rostenkowski. In similar fashion, Mayim Bialik entered as Amy Farrah Fowler and immediately became interested in Cooper. The duo brought the billed cast to seven and the show continued to gain popularity.

With popularity comes a price tag and the cast banded together to ensure that they would continue to get their fair share of the financial support CBS continues to show The Big Bang Theory. With pay raises firmly in place and the show already renewed for multiple upcoming seasons, the writers can focus on the task at hand.

That task has to be keeping the show fresh.

Season 8 will be a big test for The Big Bang Theory. First, it moves to Monday nights to accommodate the NFL. Once football games have run their course on the network, The Big Bang Theory will return to Thursday night to the normal time slot. Moving a hit show around so much shows a lot of confidence in it to draw fans wherever it is.

For now, tune in to CBS on Monday nights at 8 pm eastern time to watch new episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

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