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Fall Television Preview: Black-ish


Very few new shows this season are coming as well received as ABC’s Black-ish. The comedy is poised to be something very special, it seems.

Black-ish is aptly titled. It revolves around a black family that is struggling to find its identity. When the oldest son announces he wishes to change his name and have a bar mitzvah, the father has had enough. It leads to the father proclaiming that his family is black, not black-ish.

That father is portrayed by actor Anthony Anderson. Anderson is joined on screen by Laurence Fishburne as his father and Tracee Ellis Ross as his wife. Ross and Anderson’s on screen family consists of four children – Zoey, Andre and twins Jack and Diane. The family is very successful and parents Andre and Rainbow are corporate successes in their own right.

It all leads to a show that puts itself in a position to bring a message along with the laughs. It provides viewers the opportunity to laugh along with the family while still holding that dialog around being black in America. It appears that the show will be willing to approach some racial lines that other shows tend to avoid from time to time.


Don’t expect the show to have some overachieving message every time out. It is a sitcom and the main focus is to make people laugh. If every now and again that laughter can come with a dose of something to think about, then ABC has a great success on their hands with Black-ish.

Catch Black-ish on ABC every Wednesday night at 9:30 pm eastern time.

Share your thoughts on Black-ish in the comments below and stay tuned to Comic Booked for Fall Television Previews on many more shows.

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