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Fall Television Preview: The Blacklist

The Blacklist

Arguably the best new show to debut last season makes its triumphant return to television tonight. Red Reddington continues his ways on The Blacklist on NBC.

James Spader is an actor that many feel passionate about. They either love or hate him. When The Blacklist was announced with him as the star, some questioned whether they would like it or not. By midway through the season, viewers were flocking to the show to see Spader portray former government agent Raymond “Red” Reddington. Love him or hate him, Spader was made for this role.

The show’s premise remains in a shroud of mystery that may become the worst kept secret on television. Reddington, in the show’s premier, surrenders himself to FBI custody after years on the most wanted list. In exchange for working exclusively with Agent Elizabeth Keen, he willingly helps the FBI track down mutually beneficial targets. Reddington wants them gone. The FBI wants them put away. The premise is ideal for both of them. Keen is portrayed remarkably by Megan Boone, who brings to life the emotions and struggles of the FBI agent.

The mystery, of course, is why Keen? Many assume that Keen is actually Red’s daughter and the show continues to tease that to be truth. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet on that front so fans will continue to speculate.

The FBI and Reddington get to work on The Blacklist of names Red provides.

Meanwhile, we get treated to some of the best acting on television. Spader’s portrayal of the always calm yet ever-threatening Reddington. Boone’s work as Agent Keen was challenging last year with such a range of emotions and a roller coaster ride of events. She truly helped you feel everything her character was feeling and reacted in ways that you truly believed.

The supporting cast is excellent as well. Harry Lennix plays a stoic and to the point Harold Cooper, Keen’s director in the FBI. Diego Klattenhoff plays Keen’s partner, Donald Ressler, who has a checkered past we have not been fully made aware of, either. Ressler and Keen seem poised for the obvious love interest stroyline, though that may not benefit the show overall without a major plot twist involved. Ryan Eggold’s work as Tom Keen, Elizabeth’s husband and protagonist of most of the first season is stellar. His ability to move between dual personalities with such ease is remarkable. Finally, Amir Arison brings to life Aram Mojtabai, the show’s requisite computer geek.

The new season has a tagline that is worthy of the excitement it creates. As the new season looms, NBC has consistently reminded fans that “War Is Coming”. What waits on the horizon for Red, Agent Keen and the rest of the team is ominous. It could make for some explosive and must-see television.

If you’re missing The Blacklist, you’re missing the best show on network television. If you’re curious what your missing, hit Netflix now as the first season is available to stream. The term “Binge Watching” was created for moments like these.

The Blacklist airs on NBC on Monday nights at 10 pm eastern.

Share your thoughts on The Blacklist in the comments below and stay tuned to Comic Booked for Fall Television Previews on many more shows.

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