Fall Television Preview: Bob’s Burgers

Bob's Burgers

There is an animated show on Fox that has won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program. The show airs on Sunday nights and has for multiple seasons. It is not from Matt Groening. Seth McFarlane has nothing to do with it. Between the hit shows The Simpsons and Family Guy exists the “other” animated show for the network.

Bob’s Burgers returns for a fifth season.

The show centers around Bob Belcher and his family. Bob owns a burger joint that struggles but stays open. The family portrays various looks at life in America. The show finds a sharp wit from Bob’s daughters. The oldest, Tina, is 13 and on the verge of everything that comes along with that. She gives the writers a chance to remember what it is like to love and not be afraid to share it. Louise is the youngest sibling at 9 years old. Funny enough, she often comes across as the smartest of the group and finds herself in mischief because of it.

Sharp-eyed viewers of the debut episode of Family Guy saw Bob make an appearance during an Air Force inspired sequence. While Peter and Homer are flying a plane, it is revealed that Bob is also there. Homer questions why he is there and Peter replies that they have to carry him. Fans then see Cleveland’s individual plane crash. Very subtle…



Bob’s Burgers airs on FOX Sunday nights at 7:30 pm eastern time.

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