Fall Television Preview: Bones



Tonight of Fox at 8pm/7c season 10 of Bones premieres. I have spent all of this year getting into the series and I have finally caught up and that season finale episode last season was intense, I’m just lucky enough that the day that I saw it, I also get to jump right over to the new season. For anyone unaware, but still reading this; Bones is a crime comedy drama that first aired September 13th, 2005; starring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz as Temperance Brennan nicknamed Bones, and Seeley Booth. Bones who is an forensic anthropologist is partnered with FBI agent Booth to solve murders. In the past season, one of their solved murders had gotten them deep into a FBI cover-up conspiracy, landing Booth in the hospital arrested.

In the season 10 opener, we see Booth in prison, where everyone in there seems determined to break, while everyone back at the Jeffersonian worked diligently on every victim connected to the case to get Seeley home, as well as trying to keep themselves from being under fire.

Now even with all the craziness and conspiracies thrown in there, Fox managed to throw some more shocking drama into the mix. FBI shrink Lance Sweets seems to have gotten his ex girlfriend and intern to Brennan, Daisy Wick, pregnant. All that and more tonight a 8pm on Fox.


Bones airs on Thursday night at 10 pm eastern time.

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