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Fall Television Preview: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fox brings the Andy Samberg police comedy back for a sophomore season as Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to the air tonight. For a 30-minute comedy, there are a lot of plot points that are still up in the air.

For a sitcom, the show certainly has some ambitious plot points. That seemed to work well for it during the first season. Don’t expect the show to let off the gas anytime soon.

As season one came to a close, viewers learned that detective Jake Peralta, played by Samberg, was going to be working under cover for the FBI. He also confessed his feelings to his partner, Amy, played by Melissa Fumero. Both of those situations will be front and center as Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns.

Jake will have to deal with a particularly difficult witness in his case for the FBI. The mob wife, played by Jenny Slate, will prove to be a challenge for Peralta for a while. Meanwhile, Samberg has made it known in interviews that Peralta’s situation with his partner and love interest would be a focus throughout the season. They will discuss the situation very early, however. That is not the only time Peralta’s love life comes into focus. Eva Longoria shows up for multiple episodes this season as Sophia, a defense attorney that Jake takes a liking to.

Captain Holt, played to perfection by Andre Braugher, will be challenged this year by a brand new superior. His rival for many years of his career, Madeline Wunch, has recently been promoted to Deputy Chief and will oversee Holt’s work. Wunch will provide a recurring guest role for Kyra Sedgwick in the series. Currently, it appears that she will reprise the role for at least three episodes this season.


Oh yeah, can’t forget that Gina and Charles ended up in bed together. That will likely play out in a hilarious way that brings the characters closer together through the strange situation.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs on Fox Sunday nights at 8:30 pm eastern time.

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