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Fall Television Preview: Castle


If there is one thing that I can say about Castle it is that I wish they would just hurry up and get married. But, we know that at the end of Season Six, things did not look good for the loving couple who seem to almost be star crossed lovers. A major car accident and Castle nowhere to be found.

Look for some answers and some resolution to the cliffhanger in tonight’s season premier for Season Seven. But, be prepared for a lot more Beckett, as she hunts for Castle, hopefully not in her wedding dress the whole time, although that could be interesting. This whole episode will be told from her perspective and should be an interesting shift from the usual Castle fare.

Where most of the past episodes of Castle have more focused on the running storyline of the search for answers to who killed Beckett’s mother, this new season will begin to look more closely at who Richard Castle is and, maybe, why he is the way he is. We know that his father is a secret spy of some sort and his mother, that flourish of a woman, was always an actress. While there may be some darkness in Castle’s past, the show’s producers say not to expect the overall tone of the show to get too grim. It would not be Castle without the wit an comedy of this unusual team.

Tune in tonight for the season premier of Season Seven of Castle and check out the promo right here on Comic Booked.

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