Fall Television Preview: Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire

The NBC series centered around Fire House 51, the heroes that work there and their lives, Chicago Fire, returns tonight to start a third season. It returns to answer some cliff-hanging questions that viewers were left with as the second season came to a close.

The firehouse plays host to a group of emergency workers including a group of rescue squad and paramedic workers. Tensions can run high with that many people with different agendas under one roof. All the outside drama falls to the side when duty calls.

A strong cast leads Chicago Fire but it is truly the writing and producing that drives the show home. Dick Wolf, of Law & Order fame, heads the production team. The writers behind 3:10 to Yuma, Derek Haas and Michael Brandt, bring the show to life in a big way.

The writers do a good job of balancing the obvious action of the show with the obligatory impact that the job would have on the people that do it. There is plenty of drama, both on the job and off, for the various characters on the show.

Season two came to a crashing end as a burning building fell in on the entire team. Viewers are aware that there were multiple injuries and the show continues to tease that one of those injuries may have been fatal. With everything else the group deals with day-to-day, dealing with a loss of one of their own is sure to weigh heavy.



How will the house react to the tragedy that ended last season? How will Chief Boden, played by Eamonn Walker, lead his group forward? Will his new marriage suffer under the pressure of the job? Chicago Fire has many questions to answer as it comes on the air for a third season.

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