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Fall Television Preview: Grey’s Anatomy

Greys Anatomy

Wednesday nights bring comedy to ABC which means Thursday nights are full of drama. Grey’s Anatomy returns for an 11th season to kick it all off.

Grey’s Anatomy has become a staple of Prime Time dramas and continues to chug right along. Drama is definitely the right word for this show. It definitely has a full plate of drama to serve to viewers.

As we open the 11th season, Meredith and Derek find themselves struggling with how to be true to each other and dedicated to their careers. Derek faces the choice of moving to Washington D.C. to take a huge step forward in his career. But, he promised Meredith he would put things on the back burner and put her career first. This season will open with him trying hard to figure out how to do both.

Meanwhile, Meredith is facing the realization of the new head of the cardio department, Maggie Pierce, being her half-sister. That one may overshadow everything else immediately. Meredith and Maggie don’t get along already. Maggie may have to deal with the realization that Richard is her father, depending on how long that secret takes to come out.

Amelia passed on the opportunity to move, staying in Seattle and preparing to take over Derek’s now vacant position. Now that Derek seems to be sticking around, Amelia finds herself in a bit of a pickle. Not nearly as big of a pickle as the one she ends up in when she attends an AA meeting. Richard talks through some things in that meeting without realizing she is there and now she knows way more than either of them are comfortable with.

April and Jackson are about to become parents. Callie and Arizona might become parents again. There are more story lines here to keep track of in one season than what most shows utilize over their entire run.


Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thursday night at 8 pm eastern time.

Share your thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy in the comments below and stay tuned to Comic Booked for Fall Television Previews on many more shows.


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