Fall Television Preview: Haven


Haven is one of those shows that had been in my queue on Netflix for months and I finally got some bandwith to start watching it. We are currently part way through season one and addicted. It is a very interesting show so far, so jumping in to do a preview for season five is sort of like cheating, but for you, I will do it. But let’s get started with a quick rundown of what we know about this show.

Haven was started as a supernatural mystery show about the town of Haven, Maine, and is based loosely on the novel The Colorado Kid by master of horror Stephen King. Through the four preceding seasons there have been many references to other of his works. The story started out as Special Agent Audrey Parker came to Haven and decided to stay to help out when she discovered that a woman connected to a case about the Colorado Kid looked just like her. Shortly after her arrival, strange things started happening, things that the locals new as “The Troubles”, and they have happened before.

Now we are looking at Season Five beginning and there have been a lot of changes. In fact, at the end of Season Four, through a series of strange events and opening doors, Audrey became Mara. And, of course, you had a cliffhanger ending. Now, we prepare for answers, questions, and evil. Check out the trailer for Season Five and prepare for a wild ride with Haven on Syfy debuting September 11, 2014.

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