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Fall Television Preview: Hell’s Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen

Gordon Ramsey is poised, once again, to yell and scream about the stupid way chefs act in a kitchen when they are under pressure. That’s right, America, Hell’s Kitchen is back for season 13 on Fox.

The competition cooking show, headed by Ramsey, brings contestants together to chase a dream of owning their own restaurant. In order to win the competition, they have to first survive the season in the compound featuring two kitchens and the dorms the contestants reside in. There, Ramsey will challenge the aspiring chefs to various competitions to determine who is capable and who will receive his ire.

It starts with 18 contestants in groups. The contestants will be eliminated as time goes on through competitions that yield great rewards and horrifying punishments. To reach their dreams, they will truly have to go through Ramsey’s own version of hell.

Along with the 13th season of the reality show, Ramsey’s production will also reach a landmark 200th episode. The reality show continues to chug along in the middle of Fox’s lineup. It will anchor the Wednesday night lineup that will feature new comer Red Band Society as of next week.

Reality television seems to be the gift that keeps on giving…even if we don’t want anymore. The beauty of reality shows is that they tend to appeal to someone, somewhere with each genre. Hell’s Kitchen leads the way when it comes to reality shows in the food genre. It has found a way to transition to mainstream television in the middle of the week, which is a testament to just how well it performs within the genre.

It will not stand alone on Wednesdays, however. While Fox is getting Hell’s Kitchen out in early September, in just two weeks CBS will bring their reality show giant Survivor back for the season.

Share your thoughts on Hell’s Kitchen in the comments below and stay tuned to Comic Booked for Fall Television Previews on many more shows.

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