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Fall Television Preview: Homeland


After a third season that left many fans wondering if the show had lost its appeal, Homeland returns to Showtime tonight. The political thriller will virtually “reboot” as it opens a fourth season.

Homeland hit the ground running during its initial season. Fans, critics and awards flocked to the new show. Gritty and griping, Showtime had a hit on their hands. As so often happens, the following seasons have been met with much scrutiny and concern.

Now, as the fourth season comes to the public, the show will restart a bit. One of the main characters is gone. Carrie, played by Claire Danes, has had her baby and she’s back in the field. Rupert Friend’s portrayal of Peter Quinn finds itself in the spotlight. The show has some new life.

Is it enough? Mandy Patinkin returns as Saul. His relationship with Carrie will come to the front this season and help push Homeland forward.

Carrie will find herself in charge of a tactical mission marred by bad intelligence, causing a calculated attack on a military target to be carried out on an innocent wedding party. The lone survivor of the attack has a cellphone video that captures the situation.

It all combines to bring Homeland back to the glory that made it so popular. Carrie is a great spy but not a great person for emotional connections. The young man that survives the wedding bombing has every reason to become a terrorist threat to the United States. There’s no clear-cut good and bad. Characters will cause you to love them one minute and hate them the next.


Showtime airs the first two episodes of the season tonight. You can judge whether the fourth season is worth your time from there. You might just find yourself on the edge of your seat.

Homeland airs on Showtime Sunday nights at 9:00 pm eastern time.

Share your thoughts on Homeland in the comments below and stay tuned to Comic Booked for Fall Television Previews on many more shows.

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